Zenlink SlotVault officially integrates with Bifrost SALP to provide users with the option of releasing liquidity from Crowdloan

Today we are pleased to announce to the community that the Zenlink SlotVault DApp is officially integrated with the Bifrost SALP protocol, providing users with the option to unlock staked liquidity for Crowdloan.

Based on the current support for the Bifrost SALP protocol, Zenlink SlotVault already supports the option to open up voting via SALP for Altair and Kintsugi Parachain Crowdloan. Users can use this feature to vote for Altair and Kintsugi Crowdloan by selecting the Advanced mode option in Zenlink SlotVault. After voting for the above two projects through this option, the user will receive vsKSM and vsBond derivatives corresponding to the minting (1 KSM = 1 vsKSM + 1 vsBond), unlocking the staked liquidity.

This also means that by staking KSM/DOT through Zenlink SlotVault, users will not only receive multiple rewards including Parachain token incentive and ZLK bonus incentive, but also unlock the liquidity of the KSM/DOT in the auction lock-up, which will greatly reduce the opportunity cost of participating in Parachain Crowdloan and maximize the Crowdloan rewards.

Meanwhile, Zenlink SlotVault is now available on the imToken and MathWallet wallet APPs. Users can use the above wallet APPs to switch to the Kusama network and search for Zenlink SlotVault to access the DApp and participate in the parachain crowdloan.

In the future, the Zenlink DEX Module will also be deployed on the Bifrost Parachain to provide users with DEX functionality, and will be the first to go live with vKSM/KSM trading pairs to facilitate users to complete the Contribute-Swap process in a one-stop manner.

The integration of Zenlink SlotVault with Bifrost SALP has also given birth to an innovative mining play that combines Crowdloan mining with SALP derivative mining, offering multiple rewards to users.

What is SALP?

SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol) aims to issue derivatives vsKSM for KSM contributors, vsKSM can be used for DeFi applications such as swap and liquidity mining during the KSM bonding period, exchange KSM in AMM at any time. After the parachain lease expires, derivatives can be fully redeemed for KSM in 1:1 peg. Learn more about SALP

About Zenlink SlotVault

SlotVault is a decentralized PLO support application built by Zenlink in relation to the Polkadot parachain slot auction, which is designed to provide support for Zenlink partners to bid on parachain slots. Users who participate in PLO through SlotVault will receive dual token incentives from the parachain projects and Zenlink.