What you need to know before the Collator public beta starts?

I believe you have already been looking forward to our upcoming online testing activities!

In this article, we will explain some related terms and explain that as participants of different roles in the activity,what preparations can we make.

Noun interpretation

  • Collator
    Collator runs all nodes on Bifrost parachain and Kusama relay chain, block out in the parachain and generate a state certificate for the relay chain verifier.

  • Active Set
    A group of collectors who can receive a commission by blocks, ranked by the number of delegates

  • Candidate
    Collectors other than the active collector set who do not participate in receiving a commission award.

  • Self-bond
    The Collator has pledged at least 50 BNC as a candidate collector, and can independently increase the amount of self-bond, similar to the pledge entrustment.

  • Delegator
    Bifrost token holder shall provide the pledge guarantee (no confiscation risk) for the specific collator candidate on the parachain.

  • Delegate
    Edges BNC Token for Bifrost collator and obtains entrustment reward according to collector ranking and amount of pledge.

Now, we have a basic understanding of some nouns that appear in the activity.So as the collators and delegators with the main participating roles in the event, what preparations can we make in advance?

The preparations for collators

Hardware equipment

  • CPU-4 core (3.2GHZ-Up)

  • Memory - 16GB

  • Storage - 200GB SSD

  • Bandwidth-10 Mbps in and above

Operation process

  • Create a BNC address

  • Get the test currency

  • Run the nodes and go online

  • Get a pledge

  • Successfully leave the block, enter the active collator set, and get a reward

Operation cycle of the collator:

The collator system has its own operation cycle, that take 150 blocks as a round, and each round time is about 0.5 hours. The cycle is related to reward settlement, addition, unbinding and other operations.

Among them, the addition and departure of the candidate collector pool, and the addition or removal of the nomination are 24 rounds (about 12h), while the reward is issued two rounds (1h) after the end of each round.

The preparations for delegators

Operation process

  • Create BNC address

  • Get the test currency

  • Select the collator and pledge it

Although the launch time of this activity has not been determined, those who are interested in participating can now actively prepare for it!

For more information, welcome to speak enthusiastically in the community and discuss it together ~


I am starting to like this project, I. Just hope and pray this project is successful , am going to try my luck