Regarding the increase of Bifrost parachain fee parameters

Dear members of the Bifrost community,

After discussion by the Bifrost Council, it was decided to propose a proposal to increate Bifrost parachain fee. Because the current Bifrost Parachain fee is too low (approximately $0.0009), it is about 16 times less than the Kusama (approximately $0.016) on-chain fee. The low parachain fee may increase Bifrost’s on-chain risk, Bifrost council hopes to initiate a proposal to increase the Bifrost parachain fee by 15 times ($0.015), which is basically the same as Kusama.

Since the launch of the Bifrost Parachain on September 16, 2021, approximately 170,000 signature transactions have occurred on chain, and a total of 75.4 BNC parachain fees have flowed into the Bifrost Treasury. Treasury funds will be used for ecological rewards such as Tips, Bounty, Grants, etc. Increasing the parachain fee will help increase the revenue of Treasury and promote the long-term healthy development of Bifrost ecosystem.

Welcome all Bifrost community members participate in this discussion, do you think 15 times increasing is reasonable? Leave your suggestions, Bifrost Council will adopt as appropriate.

King regards,
Bifrost Council


Such a change has no perception for ordinary users, and is healthier in the long run. The fee is still cheap enough to make people cry. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Let’s feed the treasury !!
It remains small and standard to Kusama network.

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Yes, totally agree with the proposal.

Yes. I think this would be a good move in the long term. I have been using Bifrost + Zenlink more than I thought I would :smile:

Factors to consider, if I may ask, why was it set to 0.0009 at the beginning ? Was it to support early adoption ? Does the council think the adoption has reached the expected level of adoption to make this change.

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Sim, concordo como aumento da taxa.

In the early days of parachain landing, we hope that users can get the cheapest operating experience possible, and it is convenient for users to try some operations, which will help some users with small balances to do more operations. It has been one month since BNC has opened transfers, and you can easily obtain BNC through various channels. Under such circumstances, we feel that it is appropriate to make such adjustments, which is conducive to long-term development. :grin:

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