Proposal: grant subsquare basic setup and first 3 months maintenance

SubSquare is a governance platform designed for substrate-based blockchains, and you can check its implementation for Bifrost here. It now supports following features:

  • Treasury proposals/bounties/tips visualization and discussions on related posts.
  • Democracy workflow(public/external proposal, referendum ) visualization and discussions on the related post.
  • Council/Tech. Comm. motion visualization and motions discussions.

General Request details and service

Generally, our fund request includes following items:

  • Basic setup fee, $10k.
  • Monthly maintenance fee $500 - $1000, including the server and labor fees for maintenance.
  • Customization fee, which depends on the customized feature request from projects.

Services we provide:

  1. Basic setup of subsquare to support governance business.
  2. Future expected feature improvement and enhancement.
  3. Bug fix and maintenance.

We will not request funds for future standard features, while a monthly maintenance fee may cover them. Future futures include:

  • Chain interaction like tipping, voting, etc.
  • OpenSquare other collaboration tools like off-chain voting integration.
  • DID login.
  • i18n support.

Request for Bifrost

| Items                                 | Cost              |
| Basic setup                           | $10,000           |
| Monthly maintenance 02.2022 - 04.2022 | $500 * 3 = $1,500 |
| (01.2022 will be free)                |                   |
| Total                                 | $11,500           |

We may request future maintenance fees quarterly or biannually, depending on the collaboration between Bifrost and OpenSquare.

We are OpenSquare, dedicated to facilitating the collaboration between projects and developers.

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This proposal is now discussing at: Proposal: grant subsquare basic setup and first 3 months maintenance