Monthly Report | Statemine and Bifrost cross-chain channel opened to expand asset usage scenarios


Bifrost Dapp

  • Dapp version 1.1.3 goes online
  • Dapp version 1.1.4 goes online
  • Farming supports claim interval & Withdraw interval
  • Support RMRK assets
  • Optimize node switching speed measurement management
  • SALP KSM / DOT new project adaptation
  • Front end test of node switching function
  • Swap API docking
  • SALP award presentation & entrance module development
  • Repair the potential overflow risk of mining module
  • Node connection UI alignment bug fix
  • Troubleshooting of compilation problems
  • Collator module UI and API access
  • SALP API JSSDK survey
  • Optimized for Runtime version 0.9.22, bug fix
  • Auctions display repair
  • Relying on Polkadot is upgraded, and the build process is repaired
  • Dapp added UI design for emergency maintenance status
  • UI development of Farming 2.0
  • RMRK mining / lptoken / swap adaptation
  • KSM / DOT new project adaptation

Bifrost Runtime

  • Parachain collator stacking process sorting and document review, decoupling nimbus transformation
  • Statemine two-way cross chain channel verification, Kusama related proposals and RMRK asset docking
  • Research on Acala cross chain stacking
  • SLP technical document writing and reading
  • Follow up the registration of Moonriver testnet
  • Update e2e-test to governance upgrade
  • Add e2e-test, complete integration and runtime_ upgrade section
  • Clear all Retired pools and pledged users
  • Develop WASM upgrade automatic script
  • Agent betting duplicate problem finding
  • Docking of mining module v2 version technical documents
  • Cancel the upgrade of the mining module and add the lazy-migration feature to the mining module
  • Completing development documents for the functions of mining module v2
  • Statemine cross chain and related proposal docking
  • SALP redemption process change and release of version v0.9.23
  • Collator stacking test and document improvement
  • Research on asset transfer of Moonriver
  • Test and launch of ZLK, BNC and PHA between Bifrost and Khala networks

Bifrost Service

  • Bifrost service kusama auction status modification
  • Astar and Moonbeam reward data synchronization
  • Acala reward data synchronization
  • Repair of abnormal fluctuation of TVL curve
  • Monitor update & sync data error fix
  • Bifrost service updates the latest crowdloan
  • Bifrost service topbid display bug fix
  • SALP casting quantity monitor display
  • Swap transaction quantity / amount development, monitor display


  • Jenkins migrated to cloud server
  • Build ELK log service
  • Add the deployment and restart process of the devnet environment
  • Build the statemine-local test chain
  • The AWS cloud host hard disk was stress tested
  • Added the function of testing after WASM compilation
  • Deploy the Moonriver test Collator node
  • Deploy pre-production Collator nodes
  • Deploy monitoring pm2 service, Bifrost node and pm2 service log web page viewing service
  • Build Machine moves to the cloud
  • Improve the on-chain upgrade of Bifrost and realize automatic restart of services
  • Build a pre-production environment
  • Add multiple monitoring alarms
  • Add multiple automated processes


  • Upgrading farming 2.0 types
  • v0.9.22 upgrade
  • Bifrost. js reliying upgrading and add new assets
  • Built in Bifrost.js dependency upgrade, update offline signature, add new asset list



  • Research on KSM Stacking mechanism
  • SLP module architecture discussion and requirements document review
  • Review of SLP development requirements and technical implementation documents
  • SLP technology implementation evaluation


  • Sorting out SALP 2.0 upgrade requirements
  • SALP history repair follow up
  • Eageware SALP docking
  • SALP supports Hydradx, Phala, SORA
  • Adding Kylin Network to SALP-KSM
  • Follow up the marking of different batches by SALP graphql API
  • Formulate SALP docking cooperation scheme and quotation
  • Statistical SALP docking project progress status
  • Increase the demand for front-end SALP reward display
  • Organize multiple sign in SALP documents
  • Connect Polkadex online SALP


  • Official website upgrade design (in progress)
  • Official website upgrade requirements review
  • Walk through of newly added contents of data monitoring platform
  • 0.9.16 upgrade content confirmation and feedback test
  • 0.9.23 & 0.9.24 upgrade
  • Zenlink upgrade requirement confirmation


  • Statemine cross chain application submitted in Kusama
  • RMRK NFT asset type support
  • Docking Moonbeam HRMP
  • Initiate statemine HRMP channel proposal
  • Follow up the opening of Phala HRMP channel


  • Complete the reconciliation of Moonbeam reward distribution
  • Confirmation of specific time of awarding of Acala
  • Phala front end reward details article supplement
  • Moonbeam invalid address reward collection follow up
  • Acala join invitation reward calculation


  • Sorting out the development requirements of farming 2.0
  • Implementation evaluation of farming 2.0 Technology
  • Farming 2.0 technology realizes document review, updating and sorting out the status list of existing partners


  • Follow up on the update of Bifrost service api
  • Supplementary rules of subquary grant
  • Adding deadline rules to product development collaboration documents


Online Event

On January 4, the fourth Bifrost Community Call was held in Crowdcast. After Bifrost released its 2021 summary, Tyrone took the community to review based on the data performance of the past year and introduced the Bifrost Roadmap in Q1 of 2022 one by one.

From January 7 to January 20, AMA on Composable, Crush and Pichiu Crowdloan were held at Bifrost Crowdcast. To know more about AMA: Crowdcast – Connect with your audience over live video

On January 12, Bifrost held the annual Meetup of Chinese and English community projects in gathertown. In addition to reviewing the achievements in 2021, Bifrost also announced the new year’s plan for 2022 at the meeting, including launching farming 2.0, launching collator, opening BNC stacking and supporting the cross chain of statemine. Activity review: Gather in 2022 Meetup Recap - YouTube

On January 29, the Liquidity Farming of Litmus on Litentry , a leading network of, was launched. The Farming activity lasted for 7 days, with 5500 BNC awards. After voting Litmus Kusama Crowdloan, we can pledge vsKSM and vsBond to participate in Farming. Learn more:Litmus Liquidity Farming

On January 24, $RMRK started RMRK/KSM Bootstrap in Zenlink! Bootstrap liquidity addition achieved the goal of 172.21% and 200.65% respectively. At present, relevant LP farming has been started, and the current annualized income is 365.87%. Participation channels: Zenlink


On January 10, Bifrost published an article: Q&A to understand the usage and price attributes of vsBond . With the maturity of SALP and the normalization of slot auction, parallel chain auction projects are encouraged to self connect with SALP to increase the odds of winning the auction.

On January 25, the first $ACA awards for participating in the Acala Parachain auction through Bifrost SALP have been paid. According to the Acala unlocking rules, the first 20% of the unlocked $ACA has been released, and the remaining 80% of the locked warehouse will be released linearly on a weekly basis. Log in to to view ACA rewards.


On January 17, Kusama #165 referendum passed, which successfully opened the cross chain channel between Bifrost and Statemine. At 8pm, Bifrost referendum passed the cross chain function of the first Statemine asset RMRK. The measured cross chain handling fee was only US $0.007, and the cross chain can be completed in one minute: Statemine 与 Bifrost 跨链通道开启,RMRK 为首个资产跨链