Karmen (GeneralBacon) Monthly Report January 2022

Name: Karmen
Month: January
BNC Address: h2hXVqCVQ3fT1nPMG4eD9gEJYQDsYxieHcAnaD3t6MoHsGW

  1. Worked on and created a gather.town map for upcoming community call in February.

  2. Made announcement slide for upcoming community call.

  3. Made a Bifrost Banner for upcoming NFT article by Keith.

  4. Drew up a NFT card for Nodle, made each one have a unique background.

  5. Animated Nodle cards.

  6. Made Nodle cards into gifs.

  7. Drew up five vikings for gather.town activities.

  8. Drew a legendary viking for gather.town activities.

  9. Animated the legendary viking.

  10. Created legendary viking gif.