Karmen (General Bacon) Monthly Report March 2022

Name: Karmen (General Bacon)
Month: March 2022
BSC Address: 0xF3FA1e099Cc4db1B1Adf4E42822fF4AbA66b9b3b


  1. Created two new maps - one for the community chat and one for the scavenger hunt
  2. Set up chests to contain forms for the NFTs
  3. Created 8 unique forms for the NFTs


  1. Created 3 Basilisk NFTs (bronze, silver, and gold)
  2. Created 8 Viking NFTs for gather.town
  3. Minted Viking NFTs on Bifrost singular
  4. Submitted proof of art on Singular to be verified


  1. Revamped all old NFTs with Bifrost logo and contribution level
  2. Created AMA slide for Talisman
  3. Created slide for gather.town
  4. Adjusted both slides multiple times to reflect new dates