Karmen (General Bacon) Monthly Report February 2022

Name: Karmen (General Bacon)
Month: February 2022
BSC Address: 0xF3FA1e099Cc4db1B1Adf4E42822fF4AbA66b9b3b



  1. Finalized gather.town map.
  2. Set up chests to contain Bifrost and Spirit Key NFTs.
  3. Adjusted gather.town AMA slide to include Talisman.
  4. Placed Bifrost and Talisman Logo graphic in gather.town.
  5. Set up computers in gather.town to reflect the NFTs that would be rewarded.


  1. Designed and animated Litentry cards
  2. Designed and animated Interlay cards
  3. Designed Pichiu cards
  4. Animated Sora cards
  5. Designed Bifrost NFT banner
  6. Designed Midgard Logo
  7. Designed Midgard banner
  8. Edited Sora NFTs to reflect contributions


  1. Created SALP polkadex slide
  2. Adjusted Bifrost header with correct logo
  3. Begin working on a roadmap for crowdloan logos