Bifrost SALP supports Subsocial Kusama Crowdloan

We are pleased to announce that Bifrost supports Subsocial in the third batch of the Kusama slot auctions through the SALP protocol and releasing its contributors’ bonding liquidity.

Bifrost x Subsocial

Subsocial is aiming to disrupt existing social media platforms by offering solutions to their endemic issues. These include global censorship, lack of customization, unfair monetization, inconvenience of use and monopoly on network effects.

One of the key features of Subsocial is the Serverless Public Timeline. Developers can run all web applications on IPFS, removing the need for centralized server hosts. Customizable moderation allows users to set rules for their space and ensures resistance to censorship. The platform offers built-in dynamic community management roles with detailed permissions.

Bifrost has common sense with Subsocial to enhance the transfering of infomation and value, and the Polkadot ecosystem has its natural advantages to help Subsocial eliminate the network monopoly by parachains on-chain governance. So, Bifrost partnered with Subsocial to fast-track the democracy for Subsocial SALP creating, to support its liquid crowdloan launching.

By using the SALP protocol, contributor will be able to generate derivatives vKSM & vsBond (Subsocial), hedge against the 48-week KSM bonding period.

In addition, vsKSM & vsBond (Subsocial) holders can join Subsocial’s derivative mining, and receive Bifrost’s native token $BNC as reward. This is on top of the $SUB rewards that users receive as part of the Subsocial crowdloan rewards. Once users contributed for Subsocial, the vsKSM & vsBond (Subsocial) can be mannuly unlocked, which means they will be tradable for swap between KSM and other assets effortlessly.

Subsocial Crowdloan Rewards

Crowdloan rewards


Once tokens are distributed, 20% of crowdloan rewards will be available immediately. The remaining 80% will vest over the course of the parachain slot lease (up to 48 weeks).

About Subsocial

Subsocial is a set of Substrate pallets with a Web UI that allows anyone to launch their own decentralized social network or community. Subsocial is not a decentralized social network, like Twitter or Facebook, but rather Subsocial is a platform for building social networks. Subsocial will be the underlying architecture which the social networks of the future are built on top of. The prefix Sub refers to two things:

  1. Subsocial will be the base layer supporting all of the social networks built on top of it
  2. Subsocial is built on the Substrate technology

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