Bifrost Runtime Upgrade v0.8.2, vsKSM, vsBond Distribution Completed


Bifrost has successfully minted 112,303 vsKSM and vsBond in the Kusama slot auction via SALP for a total of 45,190 holding addresses. Following the completion of Phase 0 after August 13, Bifrost completed the on-chain upgrade of Runtime v0.8.2 on August 18. Today vsKSM and vsBond have been distributed on-chain and the vsKSM and vsBond balances are available in the Bifrost Block Browser or Bifrost Dapp.

Runtime v0.8.2 Update Log

This Runtime version is a forkless on-chain upgrade via Sudo that includes:

Asset Module

The Asset module adds KSM, vsKSM, vsBOND, and LP Token; and includes the logic to interchange Bifrost & Zenlink’s AssetID format. This upgrade does not have a transfer function.

vsKSM & vsBond

Complete vsKSM & vsBOND distribution for the 45,190 addresses that have participated in the Bifrost vsKSM Mint Drop. vsKSM & vsBond transfers will be enabled in Runtime v0.8.3.

Next Step

The Council & Treasury modules will be enabled in the next Runtime release of Bifrost (v0.8.3), and the Flexible fee module will be launched simultaneously. KSM will be used as the on-chain processing fee until BNC is enabled for Transfer (when BNC is present in the address, BNC is preferred), and vsKSM & vsBond Transfer will be enabled simultaneously.