Bifrost Runtime Upgrade v0.8.2, vsKSM, vsBond Distribution Completed


Bifrost has successfully minted 112,303 vsKSM and vsBond in the Kusama slot auction via SALP, for a total of 45,190 holding addresses. Following the completion of Phase 0 after August 13, Bifrost completed the on-chain upgrade of Runtime v0.8.2 on August 18. As of today vsKSM and vsBond have been distributed on-chain and the vsKSM and vsBond balances are available in the Bifrost Block Browser or Bifrost Dapp.

Runtime v0.8.2 Update Log

This Runtime version is a forkless on-chain upgrade via Sudo, it includes:

Asset Module

The Asset module adds KSM, vsKSM, vsBOND and LP Token; and includes the logic to interchange Bifrost & Zenlink’s AssetID format. This upgrade does not include transfer function.

vsKSM & vsBond

Complete vsKSM & vsBOND distribution for the 45,190 addresses that have participated in the Bifrost vsKSM Mint Drop. vsKSM & vsBond transfers will be enabled in Runtime v0.8.3.

Next Step

The Council & Treasury modules will be enabled in the next Runtime release of Bifrost (v0.8.3) and the Flexible fee module will be live at the same time. KSM will be used as the on-chain processing fee until BNC is enabled for Transfer (when BNC is present in the address, BNC is preferred) and vsKSM & vsBond Transfer will be enabled at the same time.