Bifrost Highlights

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Lurpis, Co-founder of Bifrost

Bifrost positioning in the ecology.

Bifrost’s SLP (Staking Liquidity Protocol) provides derivatives for the Isomorphic chain and heterogeneous chain, solving:

  1. DeFi and staking rewards conflict in PoS consensus;
  2. Liquidity and safety of PoS consensus;
  3. Staking rewards in cross-chain state.

Bifrost’s SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol) provides fluidity for Polkadot Network and Kusama Network parachain crowdloans, providing a hedging tool for locking assets, allowing more $DOT and $KSM to participate in parachain auction.

Bifrost has successfully bid for the parachain in the first batch of Kusama, and now it has accumulated more than $125M of derivative minting, which are 127,467 $vsKSM and 18,085 $vETH, as well as the upcoming $vsDOT, the surprise discovery of $BNC holders has exceeded 55k

The community is also expanding rapidly. If only rough Twitter / Discord / Telegram / Medium / WeChat is summarized, there are more than 160K total attention scale.

Bifrost’s growth is also inseparable from the great help of partners, Parity, and Web3 Foundation. we have established cooperation with most projects in the ecosystem, including this time with Acala & Karura through XCM to achieve decentralized cross-chain listing innovation practice.

At this moment, we have prepared a mature moment in various aspects such as technology, products, markets, communities, and cooperation. We are finally ready to ignite Bifrost Engine Fuel $BNC

The team part will be locked for six months after transfer is enabled, and during the two-year unlocking period of the team, there is a team to ensure that Bifrost’s initial development path is correct, and it will gradually develop into a community-led decentralized project.

Thanks to investment institutions and communities in the early choice of trust and support Bifrost, BNC’s listing is just a new beginning, let us meet greater challenges.

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