Bifrost and SubWallet Partnership Announcement

Bifrost is happy to announce the partnership with SubWallet — a user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem.

Bifrost wants to improve our users’ operability through this corporation with Subwallet. Bifrost SALP will seamlessly integrate into SubWallet so that users can use it when looking to contribute to crowdloans. With the integration of SubWallet to the Bifrost app, users can:

  • Contribute to crowdloans and crowdloan management (claim rewards, redeem)
  • Farming
  • Swap via Zenlink
  • Staking $BNC
  • Cross-in, cross-out assets
  • Manage NFT rewards: Incoming Sora NFTs rewards and later with other NFT rewards
  • Bio-direction cross-chain KSM from Kusama to Bifrost
  • Transfer $BNC using SubWallet

Our co-marketing activities:

We also do our partnership to help improve both our products & communities

  • Partnership announcement
  • Promote each other on media channels: Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium
  • Create instruction articles on using SubWallet and Bifrost and translate them to multiple languages (Ex: — English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Espanol and others)
  • Co-host AMA sessions to educate users about SubWallet & Bifrost among our communities
  • Connect to potential partners in both sides’ ecosystems

Stay tuned and wait for the following great things with our partnership.

About SubWallet

SubWallet is a user-friendly Web3 Multiverse Gateway for Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. SubWallet provides the simplest and most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications like DeFi and GameFi.