#5 Referendum proposal: Enable vsKSM & vsBond transfer, deploy SALP farming module


In the last version of the Runtime upgrade, Bifrost launched the SALP for the first time, providing the first liquidity scenario for parachain auctions. By supporting four parachain candidates (Basilisk, Altair, Kintsugi, and Parallel-Heiko), Bifrost has accumulated a total of 11,922 vsKSM & vsBond minting, with a market value of more than $3M.

The v0.9.1 version upgrade mainly includes the launch of the farming module and enables the transfer function of vsKSM & vsBond. The SALP farming module will give the derivative mining gameplay, deposit vsKSM & vsBond in the hand to the farming Pool. Therefore, you can get the minting rewards given by the KSM & BNC.

BNC holders can participate in this voting. You are welcome to participate in the discussion below.

On-chain Proposal

  • :raising_hand_man: Voting Period: #461,210

  • :rocket: Activate Period: #461,497

  • Execution:

    • Upgrade v0.9.1
    • Fix the black hole balance to be permanently locked
    balances.setBalance('bixYxFRJkFMwMRnSCH9GQbYsurmL6n88eKnh6ron8ZvgwTY', 0, 757,333.3334)
  • Proposal Preimage:

  • Proposal Hash:




Let’s go for it !! :rocket: Voted Aye x4 !

At last! Great news!

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cant wait

Yeah! Totally in!

VOTING! Pumped. Nice work

LFG :rocket:

Mining activities will be online in a very short time :relaxed:

Good projects :fire::fire::fire:


this is the expected project in the DOT ecosystem. hope it will be an important piece