#5 Proposal:Please help me to retrieve the ksm in the exchange adress by mistaken operation

Dear Bifrost family, in line with the love of Bifrost, I joined the Bifrost family in July 2021 and actively participated in the ksm slot auction of Bifrost.Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer

Later, after getting vsKSM and vsBOND, I actively participate in official mining activities.

I like the liquidity derivative solution of Bifrost very much, and I am optimistic about the development of Bifrost, but in December 2021, I tried the vsksm product and swapped out some ksm, and then I made a mistake, I transferred 49.850199100253 ksm to the Gate.io exchange and never received any. Later, after communicating with the exchange, I discovered that I was using the bifrost chain, but the exchange only supports the kusama chain, so the transaction cannot be received. I ask you to help me initiate a referendum on the rollback of my coins to my address. Thank you all for your help!

Sent from my Bifrost address ce1ZTiNvR2Y2VB3nYaND4of5u35ariTek8qB7UuqVbM7TYN

to the Gate.io Bifrost address fGL2wnhvyrDEMr1MGfdwjQWjSgbQqKwnQ5KeRwAYT2Str1N

Proof Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer

Gate.io address

Kusama format:G7gzyd6PpMJc8E9j99YS8Lp9W7RC6os2droBhMxh2eVmee6
Bifrost format: fGL2wnhvyrDEMr1MGfdwjQWjSgbQqKwnQ5KeRwAYT2Str1N

After checking on the chain, I think there is no problem with the proposal. Please confirm that the network and address are correct before transferring. At the same time, do not actively turn off the safe mode function of Bifrost dapp without knowing the details.