#4 Proposal: help a user to retrieve the ksm in the exchange address by mistaken operation

The user described his experience in detail and hoped that the community would support and help him switch back to his KSM.

Since governance operations are complicated for users, I have initiated this proposal on my behalf.
Proposal hash: 0xfd666450cd991b832a39999e43a97a019eec30ce2694e697dacf43c34a13747c

At the same time, to maintain neutrality, the council has decided not to participate in this referendum decision and maintain absolute neutrality. The following is the user’s description information:

Hi! I have been a crypto enthusiast for a long time. I have a medium, Twitter and YouTube channel. In those channels, I cover the activities of crypto startups.
For example, a year ago, I liked the Bifrost financing model. I wrote a review about the project:

I have been experimenting with the Bifrost network for a long time and participated in crowdloanes on this platform. Furthermore, I have deposited several thousand dollars through it for testing. I liked the speed and functionality.

In November 2021, I decided to try out a new product. Wrapped KSM. I exchanged 13 VSKSM for 7.7 KSM, everything was fine. Then I transferred 7.7 Bifrost KSM from the platform to the exchange address. Unfortunately, I did not take into account that the network was different. That was my mistake. The exchange tried to help me several times. But she doesn’t see my coins on her address. Therefore, thanks to the help of the Admin from Discord, I found the address of my 7.7 coins. But this address is not a stock exchange. I ask you to initiate a referendum on the rollback of my coins to my address. Thank you all for your help!

Sent from the Bifrost address gahEUJCT8AE8wG7pCb8LqrucEA8aBAJPcCQzSuLktcbtuUJ

to the address Binance G1hDYuMXTuGTaesAmykUkEoKPNJruk73BZjayxHUPxDAKWA

proof: Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer

Actually, this Bifrost address was deposited

Kusama format: fALFX4y4dQB5pGinuVqzMJVuKwV5eGBnwnG3iXVKpLAHpLi

Bifrost format: 5FW5ZEZUu6tLhvqRQ5AhansoAo654EvvaoizCKgKzbjiRWLD



OK my Friend, so in the end what is this address ?

Belonging to who ?

Greetings! I also lost my KSM tokens, sent them to Binance. Here is the transaction and response with discord
This is what I found on the chain for you. I hope it helps to retrieve it from the exchange. Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer

Interesting. it doesn’t say that this is another network. anyone can make a mistake. Probably I should give it to KSM

give him the coins. anyone can make such a mistake)

This situation has been designed accordingly at the product level to reduce the occurrence of such incidents

Can you please tell me how we can return our KSM tokens?

He said it’s his address. I will remain neutral and do not make any guarantees for this conclusion

Yes, anyone has the right to initiate a referendum to retrieve their assets, but you have the right to oppose him using your BNC

You can do like what I have done. Describe your situation clearly, provide relevant evidence as much as possible, and then initiate a referendum and let the community decide.