#3 Referendum proposal: Create SALP for Kintsugi BTC (ParaID 2092)

Hi, Community!

With the removal of Sudo and SALP from Bifrost, more governance rights will be transferred from the Bifrost core team to the community. What is exciting is that this should be the first proposal on how the SALP supports new projects, and this is also the future a typical example of SALP to enable to any parachain project. We are expecting more proposals from the community.

Bifrost will support Kintsugi Kusama Crowdloan through SALP. The proposal was initiated by members of the Bifrost council and accelerated by the technical committee. The proposal was passed to create SALP for Kintsugi BTC (ParaID 2092), hoping to support Kintsugi BTC’s contributors can use SALP to mint vsKSM and vsBond as the corresponding derivatives of KSM lock-up.

:raising_hand_man: Voting Period: #385,261
:rocket: Activate Period: #385,563

Execution parameters:

salp.create(2092, 200000, 15, 22);

Democracy: #3 Referendum Proposal
Dapp: Bifrost Dapp vCrowdloan
Wiki: Learn SALP

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Kintsugi it the one of the most important projects of Kusama ecosystem, hope they win slot this bunch. Support this proposal, its really important

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Nice and big project

the beautiful project