18 Referendum proposal | Bifrost Polkadot SALP is online, vsToken can be unlocked at any time, SALP supports Moonbeam KYC verification process, Bifrost mainnet is upgraded to v0.9.8


As of November 11, 2021, Bifrost SALP has accumulated 137,734 KSM derivative minted on the Kusama parachain, with a market value of approximately $65,668,730. Not only that, all bidding projects (Basilisk, Kintsugi, Altair, Parallel, Picasso, Bit.Country) supported by the SALP have won the parachain bidding, with 100% winning rate.

1. Polkadot SALP Online

Bifrost has reached in-depth cooperation with Acala, Astar, Litentry, Manta, and Moonbeam. When you contribute DOT to the above project parties through bifrost.app, you can mint derivatives vsDOT & vsBond and get 10%-20% exclusive channel bonus, and you can also get 1 DOT: 0.04 BNC early bird reward (if participating in the invitation, the inviter will get 1 DOT: 0.06 BNC, and the invitee will get 1 DOT: 0.02 BNC). Holding derivatives will be able to participate in the BNC mining of vsDOT + vsBond with high returns.

Entrance: Bifrost

2. SALP starts unlimited vsToken unlocking

The launch of this function means that all minted vsTokens can be unlocked and transferred at any time, which means that no matter whether it is vsKSM & vsBond or vsDOT & vsBond, it can participate in the transaction circulation immediately after being minted. If the bidding of a project fails or the parachain expires, the user will be able to complete the 1:1 KSM & DOT redemption with the vsToken & vsBond in hand.

3. SALP supports Moonbeam KYC validation process

Since Moonbeam’s Polkadot Crowdloan requires KYC verification, SALP has processed its contribution process specially, requiring users to manually complete KYC verification on the Moonbeam side, and then complete Crowdloan contribution through Bifrost SALP. For the detailed process, please refer to: Bifrost announces support for Moonbeam Crowdloan

4. vsDOT Farming is online

Pool Reward (BNC) Duration (day)
Acala 5,000 7
Astar 5,000 7
Litentry 5,000 7
SubDAO 10,000 7
Manta 5,000 7
Moonbeam 5,000 7

Pros of using Bifrost SALP

  • Extra 10%-20% special channel rewards
  • Additional BNC early bird, invitation rewards
  • The rewards are issued directly to the user address by the project party
  • 9/14 Multi-signature+Bifrost Kusama Parachain to complete vsDOT & vsBond generation.
  • Derivatives can be transferred and circulated after minting.
  • Derivatives mining, liquidity mining is about to start.
  • Support the referrel code of Crowdloan project party.
  • Support various NFT, whitelist and other rights and rewards of project parties.

On-chain Proposal

  • :raising_hand_man: Voting Period: #730,538

  • :rocket: Activate Period: #730,576

  • Execution:

  • Proposal Preimage:

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