#12 Referendum proposal: Create SALP for Picasso (ParaID 2087)


Picasso is the sister network to Composable Finance, creating hyper-liquidity infrastructure to unlock the multi-layer, multi-chain future of Ethereum and Polkadot. Picasso provides developers access to a mainland parachain to build on, avoiding the arduous obtaining and maintaining their parachain. Learn more about Picasso and Composable: https://www.composable.finance/

Bifrost will support Picasso Kusama Crowdloan through SALP. The proposal was initiated by members of the Bifrost council and accelerated by the technical committee. The proposal was passed to create SALP for Picasso (ParaID 2087), hoping to support Picasso’s contributors using SALP to mint vsKSM and vsBond as the corresponding derivatives of KSM lock-up.

On-chain Proposal

  • :raising_hand_man: Voting Period: #623,864

  • :rocket: Activate Period: #624,126

  • Execution:

    salp.create(2087, 200000, 17, 24);
  • Proposal Preimage:

  • Proposal Hash:



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