#0 Referendum proposal: Remove Sudo and upgrade Bifrost to v0.8.5


In the previous Runtime upgrades, Bifrost used Sudo (super administrator privileges) to complete centralized governance upgrades. In this v0.8.5 version upgrade, Bifrost opened a democratic referendum for the first time to remove Sudo (super administrator privileges). All BNC holders can participate in this vote and vote on your attitude.

The removal of Sudo is an important milestone in the Bifrost mainnet’s path towards decentralization. Since then, anyone can submit a proposal by staking BNC and propose an on-chain upgrade to the Bifrost network, and all BNC holders will vote to make a decision.

Referendum deadline:Sep 13th, 2021 UTC 11 AM


  • Referendum name: delete Sudo
  • End block height: #360,612
  • Voting period: 48 hours
  • Execution period: immediate execution
  • Proposal hash: 0xb1c70d9475138dbba5631169582bca42ce18e3ca99830d4d9af7c44b7da62976


1. Enter the Bifrost mainnet democratic governance link:


2. Vote for proposal 0 in referenda and click Vote.

3. Choose the address where you want to vote

4. Fill in the number of votes

5. Choose the voting weight (the longer the lock-up period, the greater the voting weight. For example: lock 1 BNC and select ‘0.1x voting balance, no lockup period’ is the amount of votes with a coefficient of 1BNC x 0.1, without locking; each enactment The lock-up period is 28 days.)

6. Vote, Aye for support, Nay for opposition, sign and submit

Next Step

In the next upgrade, Bifrost will initiate a v0.9.0 SALP upgrade proposal. The upgrade content will include the overall SALP module and enable the transfer of vsKSM and vsBond. At that time, users will be able to participate in the mobile betting of Kusama parachain auctions through Bifrost Dapp, casting vsKSM & vsBond. Please, stay tuned.

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Historical moment , I will vote




Voted! :sunglasses:

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voted :muscle:

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Voted of course :sunglasses:

good stuff


Best of luck


Good project

Good project


An innovative project, which is gaining huge momentum in the nearest future, will become one of the most successful projects!

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This project looks very interesting. I am interested, and I will support this project until it is successful according to the plan that has been set.

I wish they will achieve milestones :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Oy verildi :upside_down_face: